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Retirement Income Strategies

The thought of “retirement” is often daunting for even the most financially prepared folks. Besides the demanding challenge of how to turn assets into a sufficient and sustainable income stream designed to last 25-40 years, there are lifestyle and legacy questions that demand immediate thought. Additionally, big concerns arise about how to meet the greatest threats to retirement income security: 

  • Sequence of Return Risk 
  • Asset Withdrawal Risk 
  • Inflation Risk 
  • Interest Rate Risk 
  • Market Volatility Risks 
  • Healthcare Risks 
  • Tax Increase Risks 
  • Longevity Risks – The Greatest Risk Multiplier 

Retirement has dramatically changed over the years, with life expectancy many years beyond where it was just decades ago, guaranteed pension income rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and private savings harder to build, all resulting in an ever increasing burden on individuals and families to create their own future. Considering what retirement means now – we are likely to spend as many years consuming our assets by creating retirement income, as we did building our assets during our working years. 

This knowledge requires a new way of planning, with strategies focused not just on saving and growing one’s assets during our accumulation years, but how to best position our assets during the pre-retirement years, and how to use assets to create income for many years during the decumulation years. Many advisors are unaware of the critical differences between strategies that work well during the accumulation years, vs the ones that work best during the decumulation years of retirement. 

As a Retirement Income Certified ProfessionalTM, I understand the process of meeting these challenges and creating a plan that can help give you enjoy greater confidence for the rest of your life. We begin with the end in mind, and develop a plan that helps maximize retirement income while minimizing the fear of running out of money during lifetime, with a focus on minimizing the greatest threats to a secure retirement. 

I look forward to beginning this most important planning with each of my clients.