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Business Exit Planning Process

  1. Identify Exit Goals
    Before we develop a strategy, we help formalize your objectives, including intended departure date, the desired value, and the individuals or entities who will purchase or takeover the business  
  2. Business Continuity
    We help align your business continuity plan with your personal objectives. Through this, we plan to ensure your personal and business goals are met. 
  3. Grow and Protect Business Value
    Based on the first two steps, we present recommendations that support growth of business value, protection of existing value, and preservation of future company value. 
  4. Determine Financial Resources
    Next, we will help you determine how much your business is worth and the assets that are likely to be produced. This will help us determine the best way to integrate the cash flow into your personal life, with the least amount of overall tax impact, and the best outcome for your retirement income and legacy plans. 
  5. External Sale
    If you plan on selling your business to a third party, we help create strategies designed to improve the likelihood of a successful sale and identify opportunities to minimize taxes by coordinating our work with outside specialist in the areas of legal, M&A, and tax. 
  6. Internal Sale
    If you plan on transferring ownership to a family member, co-owner, or key employee who may not have the financial resources to purchase your company, we will help you create a plan to increase the likelihood of receiving the fair market value by optimizing the use of cash flow from your business. 
  7. Personal Wealth and Estate Planning
    We coordinate your estate plan with your business exit objectives. We strive to minimize taxes, and help you and your family realize income goals and legacy dreams.